Compsult Inc.

Formed in Glen Burnie, MD in 1988.  Compsult Inc. started serving clients in not only Maryland but all over the United States.  Since day one it has been Compsult's mission to bring quality technical assistance to all of its clients ranging from the individual level to the business level, no matter how large.  In 2000 Compsult Inc. made a move to Lakeland, FL.  Compsult has prided itself on bringing that same level of quality technical assistance to the Lakeland area and will continue to do so.

Compsult is one of the few computer services companies that REQUIRE all of it's technicians to have at the minimum COMPTIA A+ Certification. Most of it's technicians have much more and higher certifications to fit any service that be required. Having these certifications prove that the technician has the skills and ability to "get the job done".


Mission Statement

"Compsult strives to provide excellence, economical, honest and professional technology and products to all individuals and companies regardless of size."

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