Unlike many computer companies, ALL  of our technicians are required to have the CompTIA A+ IT Professional Certification.  This certification assures the technicianís abilities. Many of our technicians have other certifications and competencies as well.

Below are the ways in which you can get in touch with our live support team. Please read each option carefully before continuing, so that you may get the best solution to your questions.

Keep in mind when choosing what option would best suit you. Our HELP Center is geared more towards individuals who run on PC's, if you happen to run on a MAC and have questions regarding MAC computers, other than compatibility issues we would recommend you take the MAC to a MAC dealer or technician. HELP!Center Live






Individual Sessions



Subscription based support is a fast, low cost, cohesive way for small businesses, or large corporate level businesses to get immediate answers to their questions at any place or any time during our hours of operations. This option allows you unlimited tech support from our support staff based on a monthly subscription. Users who choose this option will be provided specific logins to grant access to our subscription area to get fast live help from certified techs at their convenience. Our subscription based support is geared more towards small businesses or large corporate level businesses that may have recurring issues with their systems that need help on a more frequent basis. This lowers the need for a company to hire a technician to come out every time they need assistants. Our goal is to save you money and provided you with support when you may need it. There are no hidden costs or fees. You only pay the monthly fee for as long as you desire. Just to re-ensure you we take the time and give everybody the same level of support no matter what your computer experience you may have. Our support team will stay with you until your issue is resolved.

To learn more about our subscription based support or to find out how to access it please email us at etech@compsultinc.com or call (863)838-2663



  $7.50Individual Sessions